The European Congress on Molecular Spectroscopy (EUCMOS) is held every two years. The congress focuses on all aspects of spectroscopic methods and techniques (including applications), as well as computational and theoretical approaches for the investigation of structure, dynamics and properties of molecular systems.

The Congress will cover different scientific topics, including:

1.   1. Vibrational, electronic and magnetic resonance spectroscopies
2. Spectroscopy of surfaces and interfaces
Spectroscopy of biological molecules
Computational methods for spectroscopy
5. Applied spectroscopies (archaeology, geology, mineralogy, arts, environmental analysis, food analysis and processing)
6. New materials (nanostructured and supramolecular systems, materials for molecular electronics and optoelectronics, magnetic materials)
7. Time resolved spectroscopy
8. Analytical methods and new instrumentation
9. Matter under extreme conditions

The scientific program of the congress will include plenary and invited talks as well as oral and poster presentations.