CONTRACT 195/2017

Investigation of the Phase Diagram of Selected Materials using μSR and μSR under Pressure.


Aim of the project (project summary and referee report).:
The aim of this work is to investigate the magnetic properties of selected compounds using, among traditional techniques, µSR and µSR under pressure. In a µSR experiment, a 100 % polarized muon (spin 1/2 elementary particles) beam is implanted into the investigated sample where they stop in interstitial crystallographic positions and their spin performs Larmor precession around the local field at the place where they come at rest. Muons disintegrate with a lifetime of 2.2 µs, emitting a positron preferentially along the muon spin at the moment of disintegration. By registering, with detectors placed around the sample, the spatial distribution of the emitted positrons, one can obtain valuable information about the value of the local field, field distribution and field dynamics.

Expected results:

The proposed research topics are of high interest in both fundamental (investigate the peculiarities of the phase diagram of the selected compounds and correlate them with the theoretical predictions) and applied physics. As said, the methods will be the combination μSR-pressure, together with classical macroscopic methods and X-Ray diffraction. Below, the list of principal expected results of this project is presented. 

Here you have information about the team involved in the project (from the beginning of the project) and an up to date version of the scientific report (updated regularly).

Financing agency:
Executive unit for financing higher education, research, development and inovation (UEFISCDI), through the  P4 program (fundamental and frontier research): exploratory research programs (PCE).

The μSR method.
Introduction to muon spin rotation and relaxation

ISIS Muon Spectroscopy Training School 2010

Results (publications, ...):
01. Unconventional magnetic order in the conical state of MnSi.
Suppression of charge and antiferromagnetic ordering in Ga-DOPED La0.4Ca0.6MnO3.
03. New insights into the magnetic textures of MnSi, 
Journees de la matiere condensee, 27-31 August, Grenoble, France.
04. On the Robustness of the MnSi Magnetic Structure Determined by Muon Spin Rotation
05. Investigation of the Magnetic Properties of Na0.7CoO2 Prepared by Electrochemical Reaction.
06. Re-investigation of the Magneti Phase Diagram of NaxCoO2.
07. muSR Study on Layered Chromium Perovskites: Srn+1CrnO3n+1 (n=1-3).
08. Internal Magnetic Field on the Two-Dimensional Triangular Lattice Formed by Mo3O8 Trimers.
09. muSR Study of K2Cr8O16 Under Hydrostatic Pressure.
10. Magnetic Spin Correlations in the One-dimensional Frustrated Spin-chain System Ca3Co2O6.
11. XPS on Gd1-xCexCo2 Intermetallic Compounds
12. Effects of Y doping on the magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect of CeFe2
13. Suppression of charge and antyiferromagnetic ordering in Ga-dopped La0.4Ca0.6MnO3
14. Formation of CoFe2O4/PVA-SiO2 nanocomposites: Effect of diol chain length on the structure and magnetic properties.
15. Effect of Zn content on structural, mophological and magnetic behavior of ZnxCo1-xFe2O4.
16. Influence of cobalt ferrite on the structure and magnetic properties of (CoFe2O)x (SiO2-PVA)100-x nanocomposites.
17. Magnetic phase diagram of K2Cr8O16 clarified by high-pressure muon spin spectroscopy

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