Research articles:

In the field of applied spectroscopy methods:

Articles in the last year:

  1. 1. I. Marica, M. Aluas, S. Pinzaru, Raman technology application for plastic waste management aligned with FAIR principle to support the forthcoming plastic and environment initiatives, Waste Management, Volume 144, 1 May 2022, Pages 479-489
  2. 2. Baricz, A., Levei, E.A., Senilă, M., S. Pinzaru M. Aluas et al, Comprehensive mineralogical and physicochemical characterization of recent sapropels from Romanian saline lakes for potential use in pelotherapy, Scientific Reports, 11(1),18633 (2021)
  3. 3. Ogresta, L., Nekvapil, F., Tamas, T.M. Aluas, (…), S. Pinzaru Rapid and Application-Tailored Assessment Tool for Biogenic Powders from Crustacean Shell Waste: Fourier Transform-Infrared Spectroscopy Complemented with X-ray Diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscopy, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, ACS OMEGA, 6(42), pp. 27773-27780 (2021)

A list of papers can be found here.

In the field of educational science:

  1. 1. M. Aluas, C. Moraru, M. Reindhorf, B. Huemer, C. Filip, A. Kelemen, and R. Lung, Results and discussion over an innovative approach of delivering Academic Writing courses, Current Science, VOL. 112, NO. 10, (2017).
  2. 2. Cramarenco, R., Moraru, C., Balazsi, R., Aluas, M. Meta-Analysis Versus Systematic Review in Studies Regarding Specific Interventions in Academic Writing in English. Cognition, Brain, Behaviour., XIX(1), 55–73, (2015).
  3. 3. S Pavlenko, C Bojan, A Kelemen, M Aluas, Academic Writing: Global Views and Romanian Trends, Transylvanian Review 23, 259-270, (2014)
  4. 4. Moraru, C., Lung, R.I., Balazsi, R., Both, I., Aluas, M., Needs analysis as an Instrument to Design and Adapt Specific Academic Writing Interventions, Cognition, Brain, Behaviour. An Interdisciplinary Journal, Volume XVIII, No. 4 (December), 261-281, (2014).

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