RAMAN - SPM   Laboratory





Research Projects

General topics

Structure and properties of biomolecules
Nanoparticles for biomedical applications
Weak interactions in molecular systems with biological and pharmacological relevance
Polymorphic forms of biomedical compounds
Active ingredients and excipients distribution in pharmaceutical formulations
Metal ions determination for environmental protection
Photophysics of biomolecular chromophores
New compounds and their potential phytotherapy and pharmaceutical formulation
Organo-metallic complexes; coordinated ligands
Molecular diagnostic (biological fluids)Exploring nanoparticles - live microorganisms interface: molecular metabolites, SERS of live cells, nano risk;
Biomaterials of aquatic origin origin and their potential for blue bioeconomy
Pigments of the ocean and their trophic chain
Molecular spectroscopy for cultural heritage conservation-restoration: correct identification and characterization of dyes, pigments, minerals, binders
Minerals identification and characterization with applications in geology, mineralogy, paleontology, gemology; civil constructions; urban sculptures, etc.;
Database of Raman spectra of reference compounds (organics, minerals, biominerals, medical-grade polymers, commercial polymers, marine toxins, standard dyes & pigments, etc.)

Ongoing projects

Andrei  Stefancu - PhD student: Raman liquid biopsy for medical diagnostic

Vlad Moisoiu- PhD student: Raman liquid biopsy for medical diagnostic

Fran Nekvapil - PhD: Carotenoids of aquatic origin and their trophic chain; microbial Raman signaling; seafood and seashells; Raman spectroscopy for nanomaterials characterization;

Zoltan Pal -PhD:  Natural aragonite from carbonate deposits; Raman authentication of objects from Aragonite Museum, Romania.

Ioana Brezestean -PhD: Cyanotoxins characterization and detection

Gabriela Olar -PhD:  Geomembranes

Ioana Marica (FT IV): Prospecting the FAIR principle applied to Raman spectroscopic data for plastic waste management; Macro- and micro-plastics;

Geza Lazar (master, BFM): Loading, adsorption and slow release of anticancer drugs in/from biogenic nanostructures;

Dr. Csilla Molnar (INCDTIM) Food safety, toxins detection, environmental SERS applications

Dr. Alexandra Falamas (INCDTIM) Micro-Raman spectroscopy for salivary diagnostic

Calin Firta -PhD: Biomaterials; microorganisms and their metabolites detection using SERS; Phycobilisomes constituents and phycoproteins for development of photovoltaic cells; SERS substrates;           



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