RAMAN - SPM   Laboratory




Services for academia and socio-economic environment:

The experimental equipment of the Raman-SPM Lab is accessible to the researchers in the Babeş-Bolyai University as well as to other researchers from academia and industry for which Raman spectroscopy and SPM methods can be used as  additional tools in their research. 

The following services are offered by the Raman-SPM laboratory:

  • Science-to-business: molecular spectroscopy solutions for economic partners
  • Common Raman, SERS and SPM measurements
  • Raman imaging
  • Spectra and images processing
  • Photoluminescence measurements in the 200-1000 nm range
  • Phase identification and discrimination of polymorphs
  • Analysis of the effects of bonding, environment, and stress on a sample
  • Point by point spectral mapping (confocal with lateral and depth resolution)
  • Global imaging of an area for a selected wavelength
  • Confocal Raman spectroscopic and photoluminescence point measurements (e.g. phase identification of transparent and opaque solids, fluid and solid inclusions
  • Quantitative analysis of physical and chemical properties
  • Non-destructive measurement of large (including archeological and art) objects
  • Advanced training in the use of the equipment for groups that require regular access
  • AFM and STM microscopies
  • AFM Lithography and Nanolitrography Force
  • Conductive probe AFM microscopy
  • Surface topography and roughness
  • Adhesion measurements
  • Spreading Resistance and Scanning Capacitance (dC/dZ, dC/dV) Imaging
  • Scanning Kelvin probe microscopy
  • Force distance curves
  • I/V spectroscopy, I(Z) spectroscopy etc.

Services for industry:

  • Molecular spectroscopy for Bioeconomy
  • Material composition and materials roughness by non-destructive sample analysis
  • Analysis of the effects of bonding, environment and stress on a sample
  • Crystal quality and crystal orientation
  • Composition of alloy semiconductors
  • Structural and compositional disorder
  • Nature of oxides on compound semiconductors 

Services for health institutions and pharmaceutical companies:
  • Phase identification and discrimination of polymorphs
  • Active ingredients and excipients distributions in pharmaceutical formulations
  • Histological application of Raman mapping.







Services for public authorities:
  • Forensic analysis

  • Explosives detection on fabrics

  • Analysis of narcotic micro-particles in fingerprints

  • Chemical composition of unknown tablets

  • Physico-chemical analysis of elements and compounds

  • Metal ion determination


Access conditions:
Researchers and post-graduate students are welcome to investigate their samples/materials using our equipment and the expertise of our scientific and technical staff.
Before any measurements can be performed we recommend a preliminary meeting. An appointment for this first meeting should be made by calling/emailing Prof. Vasile Chiş (vasile.chis[at]phys.ubbcluj.ro) or dr. Nicolae Leopold (nicolae.leopold[at]phys.ubbcluj.ro).
For those who wish to perform their own measurements, training can be provided, as long as the person has a suitable background. In order to undergo training please contact the relevant staff. Training hours will be charged at the usual rate, and we suggest you to bring your own samples for the sessions. At the end of the training each individual will be assessed and the staff will decide the terms of a self-usage for the specific instrument.
Prices and access conditions (price list/hour)*ƚ
  Raman Renishaw – InVia Reflex AFM Ntegra Spectra
UBB Cluj 100 200
Other researchers in Romania 200 400
National Public Agencies 300 600
Industry companies 400 800
* All Tariffs are in EUR/hour, for regular work hours (9 am – 5 pm). They do not include VAT and consumables (solvents, reagents, slides, tips, cryo-liquids, special holders, targets, preparation materials etc.).
Technical assistance will be provided by the scientific / technical staff of the lab.
ƚ If not stated otherwise by particular agreements and/or collaborative projects.

Before using the Raman-SPM facilities please consider the following rules that apply in our lab:

  1. Food and drinks are not allowed in the lab. Only bottled water is allowed in the lab rooms.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to install or change any kind of software on any computer in the lab.
  3. It is forbidden to remove tools or parts of the instruments from the lab.
  4. Samples should be left in the labs only with permission, and only in their designated place.
  5. The users are responsible for their data. Please remember to save your files on the server or on a flash memory. It is forbidden to handle files that do not belong to you!
We kindly ask you:
1. Keep the lab space clean and organized.
2. To acknowledge the lab service if the results obtained in the lab (or with the help of the lab instruments and staff) are published in scientific literature or presented in public.



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