About us

The Biomolecular Physics Research Center (CFBM) at the "Ioan Ursu" Institute from Babeş-Bolyai University was established in 2013. It's activities are directed towards the highly interdisciplinary research field at the frontier between physics, chemistry, biology and medicine, with the objective to unravel the physics of molecular processes, from single molecules to complex biomolecular systems.
The CFBM represents a comprehensive and synergistic union of experimental and computational tools that allow for a holistic approach in the characterization of biomolecules and their role in biomedical and environmental processes.
Our research activities are primarily focused on the detection, identification and characterization biomolecules, with emphasis on their molecular and electronic structure as well as on their interactions and dynamics. This way we aim to gain insight into the relation, at the molecular level, between the structure and the function and activity of biomolecular structures, information that can be subsequently used for improving the diagnostics and therapeutic methodologies or for proposing new bio-inspired nanodevices for application in nanotechnology and nanomedicine.


Prof. dr. Simion AŞTILEAN
Prof. dr. Titus BEU
Prof. dr. Vasile CHIŞ
Prof. dr. Habil. Simona PȊNZARU
Prof. dr. Grigore DAMIAN
Prof. dr. Leontin DAVID
Conf. dr. Monica BAIA
Conf. dr. Zoltàn BÀLINT
Conf. dr. Nicolae LEOPOLD
Conf. dr. Dana MANIU
Lect. dr. Cora CRĂCIUN
Lect. dr. Horia PAŞCA
Lect. dr. Emil VINŢELER
Prof. dr. emerit Monica CULEA
Prof. dr. emerit Onuc COZAR
Prof. dr. emerit Viorica SIMON

The Biomolecular Physics Center includes eight laboratories where complementary studies are performed concerning the structure, properties and functions of biomolecular systems.


The researchers in the Biomolecular Physics Center are involved in joint collaborative scientific projects together with colleagues from the: