Condensed Matter Physics and Advanced Materials Research Centre

The Condensed Matter Physics and Advanced Materials Research Centre (CMPAMRC) is intended to cover researches works, both basic and applicative, on solid state physics and material science comprising alloys and compounds as bulk, thin films or nanostructures. The great strength of CMPAMRC lies in the diversity of research topics which are drawing together physics, materials science and solid-state chemistry. The interdisciplinary character of researches is evident in many subject areas covered by CMPAMRC. Experimental and theoretical approaches that require an active interplay between varieties of scientific disciplines are considered. The research topics includes preparation, structural, electronic, magnetic, caloric and transport properties of advanced materials (bulk and low dimensional systems) like rare earth-3d transition metals intermetallic compounds, permanent magnets, soft magnetic materials, oxidic materials, nanostructured materials, superconducting materials, non-crystalline solids, graphene, photocatalytic materials with high activity in the degradation of organic pollutants and hydrogen production and applications like magnets, sensors, magnetic refrigeration, anticorrosion, medicine or environmental protection.