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    The tradition of the higher education in Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Physics included established its roots centuries ago. The first document about the University of Cluj (with courses given in Latin) from 1581 mentioned the presence of the Faculties of Theology, Philosophy and Law. In 1697 we found with the Faculties of Philosophy and Theology, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. In 1784 the whole education system was restructured and the University was transformed into the Royal Academic high school (with courses in German language). However, the Faculty of Natural Sciences was dissolved in 1822. The Faculty of Mathematics and Faculty of Natural Sciences was re-established in 1872 together with other three faculties (with courses in Hungarian). After the unification of Transylvania with Romania, on December 1st, 1918, many changes took place. Among them, University of Upper Dacia was founded (with courses in Romanian), a University in which we found the Faculty of Natural Sciences (with the following departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Natural Sciences).

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