Institute of Physics " Ioan Ursu "

The Institute of Physics “Ioan Ursu” includes the research centres and the laboratories from the Faculty of Physics of the University Babes-Bolyai, professors, researchers, PhD students and Master students. Its name was conferred in 2007 as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation of the entire scientific activity with results of wide national and international recognition of the Academician Professor Ioan Ursu, its beginnings being much related to the Faculty of Physics from Cluj-Napoca. The main research directions of the institute are generally overlapping to those of the entire faculty.

Scientific council
Director of the institute: Prof. dr. Daniel Andreica
Members: Prof. dr. Romulus Tetean
Prof. dr. Vasile Chis
Prof. dr. Simion Simon
Prof. dr. Neda Zoltan

Main research

  • Study of the structural, electric, magnetic and optical properties of advanced materials: noncrystaline and nanostructurated systems, supraconductibility at high temperature, perovskite systems with giant magnetoresistance.
  • IR, Raman, magnetic resonance and mass spectrometry studies on some systems of biomedical and environmental interest: molecular complexes, biomedical systems, pollutants and nuclear protection.
  • Theoretical and computational studies on complex phenomena: atomic and molecular clusters, strong correlated systems, social and biological systems.

Main research directions :

  • Solid State Physics and Advanced materials
  • Biomolecular Physics and Nuclear Physics
  • Computational Physics and Astrophysics

Research centers: